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3 Steps To Get Your Licence

Complete the Training

Pass the Ministry Test

Apply for the Licence

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    Take your security guard training online from anywhere. Complete lessons any time of day according to your schedule with the ability to easily continue wherever you left off.  The government requires that the online training take a minimum of 33.5 hours. You can complete it in that amount of time, but you have 1 full year to complete the training so you can work on it as time permits.

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Security Training
$69.99 + HST

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  • Ministry Required Training

Training Content and Program Length

  1. Introduction to the Security Guard Industry - 2 hours

  2. The Private Security and Investigative Services Act and Ministry Code of Conduct - 2 hours

  3. Basic Security Procedures - 3 hours

  4. Report Writing - 2 hours

  5. Health and Safety - 1 hour

  6. Emergency Response Preparedness - 4 hours

  7. Canadian Legal System - 3 hours

  8. Legal Authorities - 7.5 hours

  9. Effective Communications - 4 hours

  10. Sensitivity Training - 3 hours

  11. Use of Force Theory - 2 hours

First aid training, government testing and licence application fees not included.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Ontario, you must meet the following requirements to be eligible for a security guard licence:

  • Complete the mandatory training
  • Pass the ministry test
  • Complete the licence application
  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Be eligible to work in Canada
  • Have a Clean Criminal Record

You cannot schedule the ministry test or send in the licence application until you complete the mandatory training.

Yes! You can take the mandatory training online as long as it is provided by a registered training entity. Identigate Security Services is a registered training entity in Ontario.  In addition to the online training, you will need to get your emergency first aid certificate.

You do not have to take first aid training again if you already have a first aid certificate that is equivalent to St. John’s emergency first aid or higher and has not expired. First aid training is not included in the online training.  If you don’t have it, It usually costs around $80 - $100 and can be taken at locations all over Ontario through recognized providers.

Before you can start working, you have to go through the training, testing and licensing process. You must have a licence before you start working.

If you still have questions, please contact Identigate Security Services. You can email info@identigatesecurity.com or call us at 905-686-4280.

Professional Help & Support

We will provide you with all the help & support you need.  If you still have any quesitons, we would like to help. You can email  info@identigatesecurity.com or give us a call to chat at 905-686-4280.

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